I Think I've Got You

A unique mix of Blues, Soul, Funk and Rock.

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Artist Bio


A talented multi-instrumentalist and award winning songwriter and vocalist, Morgan Bains’ live performances are truly captivating and reveal a sensibility that showcase his skills in a fusion of style that is unmistakably his own with a mix of Blues, Soul, Funk and Rock.

"Morgan Bain is a rarity in the music world. While most musicians consider themselves fortunate to build a successful career over many years, Bain has accomplished more than contemporaries twice his age in half the time......he may be WA’s most promising singer-songwriter." Jennifer Peterson-Ward - XPRESS MAGAZINE

"The man’s tones are superb and his voice contains a maturity well beyond his years. Keep an eye on him” – THE MUSIC.COM.AU

“With so much talent and musical promise his star looks set to shine as a songwriting troubadour ....” Nat Salvo - FASTER LOUDER

Usage Restrictions

  • No Restrictions
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