Lights Down Low

Cruising laidback dance groove.

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Artist Bio


The term bedroom producer is thrown around a lot these days but few suit the gentle tone and late night vibes that the title would suggest. Taxidermy Hall crafts late night music best suited to the bedrooms and late nights in which they were imagined.

Taxidermy Hall’s Rob Dickens first came into the view of the international public with his debut album, Swimming In A Snow Globe, garnering air time and accolades through Triple J and Triple J Unearthed, being approached for a remix by Austin-based Bronze Whale and Sahs, and releasing a film clip with acclaimed Kiwi director Ralph Matthews for the captivating single Lasting Words.

Taxidermy Hall remains one to look out for as he continues to release his mesmerising tunes.

Usage Restrictions

  • Political Messages
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