Meet the Team

Peter Furst - Chief Executive Officer

A former television reporter, Peter is now admitted as a lawyer in New South Wales, Australia. He picked up masters degrees from the Australian National University and Macquarie University, but it was while producing films that he realised the need for a service like SyncIris to make licensing quick and easy while still representing the highest calibre of music.

Peter wishes he could write songs like Tom Waits and play piano like Gene Harris.

Tony Quinn - Director, Artists & Repertoire

A veteran of the music industry, Tony was part of Eurythmics’ tight-knit management crew as they conquered world charts and has worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Tom Petty. He remains active in management with a crop of emerging Australian artists, including Meg Mac, and also brings to SyncIris the wisdom gained while head of Festival Music Publishing.

Still fast with his fists, Tony used to spar with Chuck Norris.

Luke Goldsworthy - Director, Strategic Management

A retail guru, Luke first got a taste for the industry as a buyer for leading Australian chain, Target. Working within the Woolworths Group, among his responsibilities were establishing a new store network throughout India and heading up Buying & Merchandise for iconic Australian retail brand, Dick Smith.

While not pushing SyncIris forward, Luke is an avid supporter of the Richmond Australian Football League team.

Luke Hilton - Director, E-commerce

A man for the digital age, Luke specialises in helping his clients exploit the opportunities the internet provides. He was the e-commerce manager for iconic Australian retail brand, Dick Smith and currently heads up the Multi-Channel Retail Consultancy division of The Playhouse Group.

Luke is responsible for making the magic happen on the SyncIris site.